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  • My Show Starts Now

The time has come and this will be my final post until I return. It is hard to relax and the stresses continue to mount. Did I pack everything? Do I have the required papers? The required kit? Will my family have what they need while I’m gone? Then there are the things beyond my control such as; If my bag is lost or if my plane is delayed, I would miss the event before it even starts. Even while these thoughts cloud my thinking, the one thing that hits the hardest is that I will board a plane early Saturday morning and leave my wife and my son behind for two weeks.

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  • The Challenge Ahead

I am fully aware that it is my own decision to put myself through all of this. But in some ways, it is a mandate beyond my authority. It is something I must do. There is never one reason to undertake something so large that requires years of commitment by not just me, but my family as well. This is not about racing. It is not even about running. It is about many things all at once.

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What limits?
  • Dignity of Risk

For all of us, finding out what we’re capable of requires that we risk failure.  It may seem like Chris is getting all the exercise over here, but let me tell ya, I’ve been exercising! – Exercising some serious restraint. When Chris took on the Long Haul 100, I wanted to meet up with him […]

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Running the Sahara for TASH

Let’s help TASH remove the limits. In April 2014, I will take part in an event called The Marathon Des Sables (MDS). The race is difficult to describe, so I will simply quote what one British site has posted. Structure The MdS is a multi-day ‘ultra-marathon’ or ‘ultra’ run in six days over a course […]

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