Remove the Limits

About Remove the Limits

When you run for hours, you are alone in your mind, and a lot can happen there that might not otherwise have been given the chance. This is how Remove the Limits was born. There is a common belief that everyone runs for a reason. Anyone who develops a love for running, started running for a reason: “to get or to stay fit” or “to train for a marathon”. But if you are lucky enough to find joy in running, then Chris believes we continue to run for the same reason: running is who we are. It was also through running that Chris learned to accept that he was the parent of a child with a disability. Raising a child with disabilities is a constant struggle against systemic injustices that invisibly and without question, limit and confine the capabilities of people with disabilities. The system is already stacked so that people with disabilities are told what they cannot do rather than helped to discover what they can do.

Until you actually remove the limits, you never truly know what you can’t do.