Remove the Limits

Chris Valenti

  • Chris Valenti

  • I’m Chris Valenti, and in April of this new year, I’ll be one of 70 people from North America running 150 miles across the Sahara Desert in an international, self-supported, six-day race through some of the highest sand dunes in Africa in sometimes 115 degree heat.
    The Marathon de Sables is in it’s 29th year, and as far as I know, I’m the only person from StL to run it.

    I’m taking this on to shine a light on an issue that’s close to my heart, and that is the right of people with disabilities to direct their own lives, to receive support when it’s needed, and to live a full life, complete with achievement, dignity and belonging. I want to use this race to raise funds for an organization that’s been removing limits for people with disabilities and raising expectations for about 35 years – TASH. We have a new TASH chapter here in Missouri and I want that chapter to succeed.

    I’m the proud father of a creative and resilient child with a disability, and I want to show him by my example that no matter what obstacles any of us face in life, we are all capable than more than we think and more than we’re told to believe.