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Running on Sugar – Pt.3 and The Next 100 Miles


Jan 14


Lessons Learned

After a hard analysis of the events from my first 100-mile attempt, I have taken away some key lessons to apply next time:

  1. Hoka’s do not perform well in sugar sand.
    I will run in Altra Torins at the beginning of the race, and pack the Hokas in my drop bag for the later miles, just in case. This will be a risk as I’ve never run long in the Altras.
  2. Sipping UCan doesn’t work in the heat.
    I plan to drink a full dose at the top of each hour. I will also cut back on that dosage.
  3. Aid stations have too much junk.
    I will carry my own low-GI, fat-adapted nutrition consisting of: dried figs, olives, almond butter, bacon jerky, and homemade almond meal ginger cookies.
  4. It’s critical to budget for 100 miles.
    It’s hard to face 100 miles for the first time and know how to budget for it. Your central governor will try to manage your energy by feeding you pain and slowing you down so that you can make the distance. But if it doesn’t understand the distance, it will be conservative. Before this, I had done 50’s. Now that I’ve done over 100 Km, I sense that my central governor will treat me better. We shall see. I’m sure we’ll discuss this over many, many long hours on the trail. Don’t go out to fast. Take it easy in the day. Pick it up at night.
  5. Sand in the shoes is uncomfortable.
    I’ll be wearing a pair of gaiters. Running longer than 24 hours carries a high degree of pain. Small things, like sand in the shoes, just serve to make things miserable. Prevent what you can

I will be putting these lessons — as well as myself — to the test this weekend, January 18 – 19 at the Long Haul 100 in Tampa, Florida. This will be a true rematch as the terrain is similar — and wetter — than Wild Sebastian 100, with an even shorter cut-off time. With four fewer hours to complete my race, I will need to run at a “better than middle-of-the pack pace” and push myself harder and longer than I have ever pushed in my life. This will be a test like never before. This will be much more difficult. There will be suffering.

If possible, I will be tweeting from the course, so scroll to the bottom of the page and follow us on Twitter.


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