Remove the Limits


  • Chris Valenti

  • Though he has been running with regularity for more than 20 years, Chris Valenti is not a very good runner. His first attempt at competitive running was a disaster. When he was in junior high, he went to try-outs for the track team and failed miserably. He gave it is best effort, but not only was he dead-last, the others passed him as if he were standing still. Because of this experience, he and others held very low lifelong athletic expectations. But if there is one thing that he was good at, it was persistence. It wasn’t until later that he decided to see how far he could go. After completing a marathon, he stepped across the finish line and wondered, “why do we stop at 26.2?” It wasn’t until Chris decided to remove that limit that he was able to begin to discover what he might achieve. Running far is Chris’s personal curiousity that continues to yield new discoveries.